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I was a wide-eyed 12-year-old when I saw a book in my local library with my last name on the spine. The book was by Marvin Mudrick, a distant relative. We never met, but he definitely influenced my life as I promised myself that one day, I’d have a book with my name on the spine.  

I don’t even remember the book’s title, but I vividly recall the library, the light coming in the windows, and the murals on the walls. Much has changed since then. 

Capital Gazette - by

Frances Smith has only lived five of her 77 years without knowing William Smith Jr. — the first five.

Capital Gazette - by

Molly Wilkinson traveled almost 5,000 miles from Dallas to Paris for authentic baking lessons. Eleven-year-old Piper DeVane just strapped on an apron and booted up her computer.

Piper and her 9-year-old brother Andy learned how to make Moelleux au Chocolat, aka chocolate lava cake, with about 30 other students in Wilkinson’s Monday Zoom class.