Borrowing Information

  • About Loans
    • Most library materials can be borrowed for a three-week period.
    • Some copies of high demaind titles may only be borrowed for seven days. These materials cannot be renewed.
    • Up to 99 items can be checked out on a library account at one time.
    • R-rated DVDs are available for borrowing to persons 17 years of age and older.
    • The loan period for Popular DVDs is seven days. Non-fiction and TV series DVDs may be borrowed for three weeks.
  • Renewing Materials
    • Customers can renew most materials up to five times at any branch unless someone has reserved the item. High demand materials cannot be renewed.
    • Customers can also renew materials online or by phone.  
    • Customers' accounts who are in a blocked status must pay 20% of the total fine amount owed to continue borrowing material at each check out, this includes accounts in collections.
  • Returning all library items* 
    • Most material borrowed can be returned to any branch in the County or any public library system in the state. Interlibrary loan material and Museum passes must be returned to any branch of the Anne Arundel County Public Library. 
    • Book Drops are available at each branch and are open 24/7. If material deposited in the book drop is overdue, the fines will automatically appear on the customer's account.
    • Customers may be notified of overdue material and holds via text message or email. If you have email notification, you will get a date due reminder notice three days before your items are due.


  • To encourage prompt returns, fines are charged for each day an item is overdue, excluding Sundays, holidays, and days that the library system is closed.
  • A due date reminder notice is sent to persons with email notification three days before the due date.
  • Overdue notices are sent via text message and/or email between one and five days after the due date.
  • A second overdue notice is sent after seven days.
  • A bill is generated and sent by email, for those with an email address on file, if materials are not returned after 30 days.







Entertainment and TV Series DVDs



Fishing Rods $1.00 $15.00*

All other library materials



*or the value of the item, whichever is lower

Collection Agency Referrals: If you have overdue materials of $15.00 or more that have been outstanding for 45+ days, or have accumulated fines of $15.00 or more, AACPL will refer your account to Unique Management Services, Inc., a collection agency specializing in the recovery of outstanding library materials or funds. A $5 service charge will automatically be added to your library account for outstanding balances between $15.00 and $24.99. A $20 service charge is added to balances of $25 and up. AACPL is committed to providing materials that meet customer needs. Non-returned books, CDs, and DVDs deprive other library users of valuable pieces of our collection. To protect taxpayer dollars and ensure equal access to all of the items on our shelves, AACPL will make every effort to recover lost materials.


Photocopiers are provided by a private vendor under contract with the Library for customer use. They are intended for self-service use by customers. The cost is $0.20 per page.

How can I request materials from outside Anne Arundel County Public Library?

Materials can only be requested from outside AACPL if AACPL does not own the item or have it on order.

  • If the item is owned by another public library in the state, it can potentially be requested through the MARINA collaboration of Maryland public libraries. You may place your request using MARINA, by asking information staff at any library to help, or by asking for assistance through the Email A Librarian service. 
  • If the item is not owned by a Maryland public library, it can potentially be requested through a nation-wide collaborative lending system (OCLC).  Only print material can be requested through this system.  We call this an Interlibrary Loan Request, and we must complete an Interlibrary Loan Request card to proceed with this request. If the lending library charges a fee, the person requesting the item will be asked to pay that fee; library staff will clarify what the borrower is willing to pay when completing the request.You may ask information staff at any library to help, or ask for assistance through the Email a Librarian service.